Helping children and families heal with nature has been a dream come true for me.


Not only do I get to see children’s health transform from struggling to thriving, but I know that instilling a deep sense of nature connection in kids helps heal the planet too.


But bringing a nature-based approach to my holistic family practice has not been without challenge. At first I felt overwhelmed with how to implement the nature as medicine manifesto.  Once I figured that piece out, I had to overcome parent obstacles, get clear on what doses of nature to prescribe and when, and had to determine how to best communicate the value of a nature prescription for helping children heal.


Luckily, I figured all that out! And today, I share with you my step-by-step process for writing a family-focused nature prescription.


Step 1: Determine if a child or family is suffering from Nature Deficit Disorder


If you’re unsure how to do this, then check out my FREE online mini-class for holistic healers and wellness professionals, Nature Deficit Disorder Basics.


Step 2: Choose the best nature intervention for their condition(s)


Writing a nature prescription is an art and a science. It’s important to know which therapeutic nature-based recommendation may hold the greatest promise for specific conditions. Not all benefits of nature are created equal. So make sure you are informed about the latest nature therapies for children and families.


Step 3: Communicate clearly with the family


Simple, step-by-step instructions for busy parents and families are crucial for ensuring your nature prescription gets filled. Make it easy for your clients/patients with nature-based handouts, checklists, and activity guides.


Step 4: Ask for feedback and modify over time 


Remember you’re building a relationship with a family over time. Be sure to craft nature prescriptions with the needs and desires of the whole family in mind. And know that those needs may change with the passing of time.


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