Do you know what wildness means?

This concept has completely transformed my view on health and healing. It has served to be the missing link that connects ecology, anthropology, and medicine.


Today I chat with my friend and mentor, Kevin Sequoia, from We Are Wildness (WAW), about all things to do with wildness and wellness. Listen in below:

Kevin shares with us:

  • what the concept of “wildness” means
  • how to own your inner wildness
  • his vision for a healthier & happier world
  • why it is so important to connect to nature
  • what you can do right now to feel “wild”
  • how to start rewilding your own life

This was such a fun & engaging conversation! Part of my vision for the future of medicine and healing is to have humans, as a species & a culture, embrace fully this concept of “rewilding”.

After listening in here today I invite YOU to share you thoughts and ideas on wildness in the comments section below!

Check out Kevin’s work at:

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