Environmental Toxins

Our world is increasingly toxic…


And children suffer disproportionately due to their delicate and immature physiology.


Children today are experiencing toxic burdens far too early, in many cases even before they are born.

With over 80,000 synthetic chemicals on the market today we, for the first time in human history, are seeing global & catastrophic health outcomes due to environmental toxin exposure. 

As holistic pediatric healthcare providers, we are at the front line of an epidemic and are uniquely poised to make great contributions to the field of environmental pediatrics.

Environmental Toxin Theories

What we know for sure is that environmental toxins are…literally everywhere.


Even in the most remote regions of this planet, chemical toxins, pollutants, and industrial by-products have been found in the tissues of animals and humans alike.


What we don’t yet fully understand however, is the full impact of these myriad chemicals on human health. We have even less information about their effect on the health of fetus’s, infants, and children.

Despite our blind spots, pioneers in the field have taken multidisciplinary perspectives to predict, diagnose, and treat health disparities resulting from environmental exposures.

From their work, and as depicted below, we now have some theoretical models to better understand how & why environmental toxins cause disease in children.




Each theory offers it’s own strengths and challenges, but all can inform the clinical application of environmental medicine in pediatric care. 

Fetal Origins of Adult Disease (FOAD)


Lingering Pathogenic Factors



Microbiome Impacts


Adverse Childhood Experiences Study (ACES)



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Environmental toxins are ubiquitous in our everyday lives.


Children touch, taste, smell, swallow, and absorb toxic chemicals at school, home, and play.


As a holistic pediatric provider we begin to see the symptoms and root of our patient’s conditions as a puzzle. With pieces of information, anecdotes, and evidence painting a portrait of toxic overload. 


When a child’s body is continuously exposed to harmful environmental compounds their toxic load increases gradually over time. This toxic burden can negatively impact organ functioning, cognitive development, and immune system functioning, to name a few.


One thing is clear – exposure to environmental toxins early in life can alter the health of a person across their entire life span.



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