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Learn how to merge environmental medicine with holistic pediatrics.

Children are suffering from contemporary chronic childhood illnesses like never before.

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Environmental Toxins

There are over 85,000 synthetic chemicals on the market today, many of which children may be particularly susceptible to. Parents are increasingly concerned about the role of toxins on their children’s health.

Childhood Development

Children’s growth & development is tightly orchestrated & occurs at a rapid pace. It is true that children are more than “little adults”, and they are uniquely vulnerable to environmental influences.

Nature Deficit Disorder

The impact of nature on children’s health is tremendous, and the absence of it can be deleterious. With advances in technology & a largely sedentary culture we face new challenges as pediatric health care providers.

East Asian Medicine

Traditional & indigenous medical models help children heal from the inside out. Learning to apply ancient wisdom to modern pediatric ailments is essential for turning the tide on chronic childhood illness.

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