Vision and Mission

Re-wilding childhood. Re-wilding medicine. Re-wilding our future. 


The EPI Vision:

To co-create a world that remembers its way.


Where nature-based medicine is valued and indigenous models of healing are central in the treatment of dis-ease. To inspire a global culture of families and communities that use nature to positively transform the lives of children. And to remind humanity that the collective can thrive in the presence of the natural world.


Re-wilding childhood:  

To reclaim a child’s connection to the natural world. Empowering children to explore, learn, grow, and heal with the rhythms and cycles of nature. There is mystery, magic, and wonder out there. Put away the screens, open the door, and let them roam, romp, and play


Re-wilding medicine:

To redefine modern medicine using indigenous and nature-based medical models in an effort to restore human health, happiness, and longevity. To encourage and promote the understanding that we are part of the whole. And to remind the medical community that the integrity of our inner ecosystem depends upon the health of the external landscape.


The EPI Mission:


To bridge the gap between children, nature, and health. 


At the Environmental Pediatrics Institute we believe that nature is potent medicine. And that children’s health is intimately tied to the natural world. Healing requires a deep understanding of and reverence for nature’s rhythms, cycles, and traditions.

We envision a world where children can live, learn, and play amidst towering trees and shimmering shorelines. Where respect for nature comes from direct connection to, rather than fear of, what it may hold. And where healing is remembered to be a natural, innate process that unfolds when the outer landscape aligns with the inner terrain.

We believe that re-wilding childhood and re-wilding medicine is the answer. Let us show you how!