The rewilding childhood movement begins at home. Parents are at the front lines of reconnecting children with nature.


Today, I chat with wellness expert, mother, and author Heidi Barr about how she brings the magic of rewilding childhood to life in her home.

Heidi shares with us:

  • what rewilding childhood means in modern parenting
  • how she encourages outdoor time with her daughter
  • what favorite nature-based activities 5 year old’s may enjoy
  • how a rewilding family meets their community
  • why simplicity is paramount for families
  • the “real” value of nature connection
  • how nature withdrawal affects humanity

Parent quotes for rewilding childhood:

  • “let go of expectations”
  • “it’s okay to get dirty”
  • “remove yourself from the word more”
  • “start with where you’re at!”

Check out Heidi’s work at:

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