Natural medicine is certainly all the rage these days. But simply taking a supplement, having a B12 injection, or going to a yoga class doesn’t really honor the heart of nature-based medicine.


A nature-based medical model embraces the natural rhythms, cycles, and traditions of the natural world. It strives to balance the outer ecology with a person’s inner terrain in an effort to help heal and harmonize the whole person.


This demands a broader perspective and the willingness to see a human being in the context of their family, community, society, and environment. To dive deep into nature-based medicine is to value interconnectedness, and understand that a person is influenced by a myriad of relationships.


Unplug to Connect


What I see time and again is that children and families crave connection. And that underneath dis-ease is a current of discontentment and restlessness. When working with children, bridging the gap between a child and the world around them is essential for easing that unrest and promoting healing.


The modern world, ripe with convenience and technology, offers ample opportunity to unplug from real experiences to embrace an artificial realm. Modernity can be mesmerizing, entrancing, and utterly isolating for children. Connection to nature lets children experience what it means to be part of the collective – to be whole.  


As holistic healers and wellness professionals we have to up our game. Just as we ask patients or clients to try on a new worldview, so too must we. We have to remember that humans have adapted to the landscape over the course of eons, and that for the first time in human history we are removing ourselves, and our medicine, from it. To remedy this departure from the natural world, we need to begin the process of re-wilding medicine.


What does it mean to re-wild medicine? Check out Part 2 of this article on nature-based medicine.

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