This is a common question I get from parents and healers both. Is nature enough to help kids heal?


And what an interesting question it is! Within it there is a fundamental misunderstanding. It really forces me to answer that question with a question. In other words, when has nature NOT been enough to help people heal?


Humans have an incredible and innate capacity to heal. But over the past few generations we have forgotten our way. We have removed ourselves from the natural world and overemphasized a reliance on technology.


This dependence has shaped our view of medicine, healing, and wellness. We now believe that pharmaceuticals, surgeries, fad diets, and even infomercials are the only hope we have for “real medicine”.


But I would argue that healing is a natural process that occurs when we balance our inner ecosystem with the outer environment. When we strive for harmony with the natural world we come closer to a state of optimal health – not farther from it.


In acknowledging that we have adapted to the natural environment over the course of millions of years dispels the myths, fears, and misunderstandings around the concept of “nature-based medicine”. If families begin to once more honor the rhythms and rituals of nature, then their children have a chance to experience what it is like to be supported by the world, rather than at odds with it.


So, is nature enough to help kids heal? You betcha! And in fact, it is the only thing that ever has been.


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