Yes, you heard that right. These goats helped heal my daughter’s allergies.


Perhaps a little background info is helpful. (FYI, we’re going to get a little personal today.)


You see, my oldest daughter has suffered from seasonal allergies since she was very young, and there are a myriad of reasons why (which is the topic of a whole separate blog). Nonetheless, for the past 7 years we had tried every holistic intervention under the sun to help reduce her sneezing, sniffling, and chronic runny nose. From probiotics, to acupuncture, to herbs, to essential oils, to constant house cleaning, you name it, we tried it!


And to be honest, some of those things worked quite well. They would get her some major relief and her allergies overall diminished greatly. But, she still had these nagging morning time allergies that just wouldn’t quit!


That all changed when she met these goats (& other farm animals):



Or more appropriately, when she started spending quality time with farm animals as part of her farm school program. Within 3 months of milking goats, slinging hay, feeding chickens, and combing sheep, my daughter’s allergies virtually disappeared.


That was almost 2 years ago now and her allergies haven’t come back.


Most folks would think that her allergies would get worse on a farm. And at first they did. But then something in her immune system clicked or down regulated. Suddenly she wasn’t sneezing all day, or waking up with a snotty nose (she would usually have to bring a cloth tissue to bed at night cause her nose was so runny), or having super sensitive skin that would light up when she touched the grass.


It was a remarkable transformation. And it got me thinking. Why, after everything we’ve tried, did her allergies suddenly change? What on a farm altered her immune system so dramatically? Which daily routines, animal interactions, or outdoor adventures changed her underlying body chemistry?



After some serious digging, out of the box thinking, and testing with the families I work with, I found the answer. And it was nature.


That’s right; all the exposure to the natural world helped my daughter heal from the outside in. And after testing it and refining my approach with my patients and families, I’m ready to share my insights and experiences with other holistic healers and wellness professionals.


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