In our own experiences raising our 4 young children we have found that taking a more holistic & individualized view of child-rearing has been a real game changer. Using the Five Element System of Parenting we have come to understand that each of our children has a unique constitution with predictable character traits & attributes.


With this ancient system derived from East Asian Medicine, we have finally found a language for how to best support & enrich the lives of each of our children.   


In the Five Element System every child has a unique constitution type, or element, that they are born with. By understanding a child’s element type you can learn how to best keep the peace in a family!


Here’s what we mean: 

Wood Child: A wood child is highly energetic, enjoys pushing boundaries, and can be challenging to “control” when something doesn’t got their way. They are naturally defiant & can tend to require lots of exercise & movement.

Fire Child: A fire child is charismatic, out-going & often the life of the party. They love to socialize & become easily over-excited.

Earth Child: An earth child has a warm nature, easily gets along with others, and tends to be a real people pleaser. They may tend to adore sweets and love being around friends and family.

Metal Child: A metal child is very methodical, craves order & cleanliness, and like to build things with their hands. They often gravitate toward math & science, and love knowing the fine details of plans & events. zoe-fire-element-ep

Water Child: A water child is often more reclusive, enjoys spending time in quiet, and will generally retreat from loud places or people. They are generally shy around strangers, get lost in the shuffle of a busy family, and respond best when you get down on their level to talk things out.

By getting to know a child’s constitution & innate tendencies, you can begin to meet them where they are at & know how to best handle the natural ebbs & flows you see in clinical pediatric practice.


If you have children, share with us below which element type you feel your child is!